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10x faster time-to-market for your digital solutions

Ultra-fast web/mobile custom cloud app development powered by AI & bots

Own your source code & intellectual property

Alleviate your technical debt from existing solutions

Extend life of investment through easy maintenance

- Trusted by big brands -

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Launch fully-custom software minus the headache,
unacceptable timelines, and price tag

Build customer- or external-facing Web, iOS, and/or Android apps the way you want it built - fast, at fixed price, and with source code handover

Managed Service

Have an expert team of engineers and 
project managers to co-design, build, 
and launch your  custom software

- OR- 

Self Service

Use our software development accelerator to build your own custom software 

COMING Q1 2024

Xamun lets you enjoy the best of both worlds!

Crafting custom software from scratch is often a lengthy, intricate, and costly journey. However, Xamun is changing the game by redefining how software is created, ensuring it aligns with your preferences.

Fully-Custom Software BUT Built Incredibly Fast

With the speed at which your competition (including startups) are innovating, you need to get software built at lightning speeds. Xamun got you covered.

Fast like No-Code BUT You Keep the Source Code

With Xamun, you own the resulting source code so your team has the freedom to update your custom software and retain your competitive advantage

Tailored to Your Needs BUT Pay Fixed Price

Outsourcing custom software development is oftentimes limited to time-and-material contract. With Xamun, we accommodate a fixed price project engagement.


Become a lean, mean
app-launching machine

We know how launching your software quickly
and iteratively is key to your success. 
We’ll make it happen for you.

How our custom software co-creation works

Get the speed and simplicity of a low-code app builder, 
but the customizability & sophistication only a dev shop can provide

How Xamun Works
1. Design

Select your app from our marketplace, customize it, and generate a cost estimate

2. Create Blueprint

Our AI extracts the design & our low-code Studio lets you edit the extracted “Xamun Blueprint”

(the foundation for rapid build and future changes)

3. Develop & Launch

The Xamun Blueprint gets fed into the automated process to build & test before going live



Get your custom software built within budget
and confidently launch it on time

Xamun is an AI-powered software development
platform for your type of business

Build Lending and Finance Apps
Lending & Finance

Empower your lending business with solutions that streamline the lending process, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction

Build Insurance Apps

Go digital in your insurance business operations and ensure seamless processes and improved customer experiences

Build eCommerce and Retail Apps

Amplify sales with apps that enhance e-commerce and retail management, driving business growth and efficiency

A company with 20 years of product engineering experience

Xamun is brought to you by BlastAsia, a company with 20 years of experience in software product engineering. BlastAsia is a trusted Microsoft Partner and managed custom software development services provider

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Resources to Drive Digital Transformation

Access articles on AI-Powered Software Development
Articles on AI-Powered Software Development

Read blogs on software development and how you can transform the traditional process through new technologies such as AI and bots

Download eBooks on AI and Digital Transformation
Ebooks on Digital Transformation & AI

Access free ebooks on accelerating digital transformation through various tools, including AI-powered software development

See Glossary of Digital Transformation Terms
Glossary of Digital Transformation Terms

Browse through our collection of concepts and their definitions and build your proficiency in digital transformation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be able to take the source code and modify it ourselves?

Yes, unlike old-school code generators that churn out compiled & uneditable code, our in-house code generators will handover human-readable source code that your internal team can take and customize or enhance further.

How much of customization work will be left after using Xamun AI-Powered Software Development?

Around 10-40% of typical software projects will still require full coding, which BlastAsia’s team of engineers, testers, and project managers will co-create with you so you’ll get exactly what you want.

How is using Xamun for eCommerce different from using Shopify?

While no-code eCommerce website builders like Shopify can be used for simple requirements, they do not give you the freedom to completely modify UI and backend logic – not to mention dealing with transaction fees.

How is using Xamun different from getting an open-source solution?

For unique requirements, it’s difficult to find end-to-end solutions that are open-source. Also, we have the expertise to put components together and building on top of the generated code by Xamun.

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