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Launch Your Apps Faster
With AI & Bots

Xamun gives you the speed, flexibility, and price tag
for successful digital transformation

AI & Bots drastically reduces time to build & test

Reduced scope creep risk

Fixed price contracting

- Trusted by big brands -

Advanced Energy

Go live & get your business running
at lightning speed

One of the most common reasons startups fail is because they ran out of time. Xamun makes it fast & easy for you to build and improve on your apps!

Work with our in-house designers to turn your ideas to screens. This step can be totally skipped if you already have an existing Figma prototype, cutting down the development time even further!



Prototype using Figma

Ultra-fast time-to-market

Our AI-assisted blueprint creation and bot-powered code generation & testing drastically reduces software development time


Fixed & predictable costs

With Xamun, costs are fixed and there are NO recurring fees or transaction fees
to use the software you built with us

Minimized scope creep

Our design-first approach which conducts UAT using a detailed Figma prototype reduces risk for scope creep substantially, ensuring budgets and timelines are upheld


Become a lean, mean
app-launching machine

We understand that launching your digital offerings
on time & on budget is critical, and we’re here for you.

Xamun is Your Digital Partner

Revolutionize how customers interact with your company by leveraging digital tools like AI, virtual advisors, and mobile banking to offer a more personalized customer experience.

We’ll build it for you

Have an expert team of engineers and 
project managers to co-design, build, 
and launch your  custom software

- OR- 

Build it yourself

Use our software development accelerator to build your own custom software 

COMING Q3 2023

Cybersecurity front-and-center for apps built with Xamun

Leverage best-in-class enterprise cloud security practices & tools including basic VAPT as part of our standard developmentrelease cycles.

Working with Xamun

Building custom software from the ground up is simply too long-drawn, complex, and expensive.Xamun is innovating on how software is built so you can focus on what you do best - value creation.

Code ownership

We will handover the source code and you will take full ownership of the resulting IP, so your competitive advantage is protected

Better documentation for easier updates

With the WYSIWYG solution blueprint, your software’s maintenance can be easily done by any developer with standard language programming skills

Agility at its core

Iteratively rollout releases based on customer feedback without compromising stability & security of your apps

Leverage the expertise of a 20 year-old software product engineering company

The team behind Xamun is BlastAsia, a long-time Microsoft Partner and provider of managed custom software development services to global companies

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