Xamun Design Process

Xamun Design Process

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Co-Design Your Next Big Software with Xamun

Working with Xamun ensures reduced risk of scope creep and development up to 10x faster

Our Co-Design Process

Our design-first approach is the first phase in building your software, before it gets built by our team using the Build Studio (on a Managed Service contract)

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Co-Design Process

1 Project/ Solution Identification

Have a clearly defined idea of what you want to build and share it with the Xamun Team. For example: “I need a logistics system”

2 Gap Analysis

The Xamun Team will identify which modules from your solution are already in the library and which ones need to be designed.

3 Module Design/Configuration

The Xamun Team will design the missing modules using Figma, based on your needs (FREE OF CHARGE)

4 Blueprint Upload/Creation

The Xamun Team will upload the new designs into our platform to convert it to a Blueprint.

5 Time & Cost Estimation

The Xamun Team will analyze the full requirement to arrive at a time & cost estimate

6 Proposal Generation

The Xamun Team will provide a proposal for the project, which may include estimated cloud hosting & maintenance fees

7 Contracting & Project Activation

You will sign the contract for the build (managed service) and proceed to settle the downpayment


Coming in March: AI-Assisted Process

A similar but more optimized version of the Co-Design Process,
done entirely on the Xamun Design Studio powered by AI solutions.

See detailed diagram
AI-Assisted Process

1 AI Solution Advisor (NEW)

Tell the AI Solution Advisor what you want to build. For example: “I need a logistics system” and it will recommend modules you will need and perform the gap analysis

1 AI Solution Advisor (NEW)

2 Module Design/Configuration

Once missing modules have been identified, your team (or the Xamun Team) will design them using Figma

2 Module Design/Configuration

3 Blueprint Upload/Creation

The new designs will have to be uploaded back to Xamun to convert them to Blueprints (building blocks of the software)

3 Blueprint Upload/Creation

4 AI Cost Estimator (NEW)

The AI Cost Estimator will automatically calculate the time and cost of your build, based on the selected full software design

Create, maintain, retire projects

5 Proposal Generation

You will get a proposal for the project, which may include estimated cloud hosting & maintenance fees

Create, maintain, retire projects

6 Contracting & Project Activation

You will sign the contract for the build (managed service) and proceed to settle the downpayment

Contracting & Project Activation

FAQs for  Product Owner/Corporate Innovators/Startup Founders

What do we need to have to engage with Xamun?
How much will the software build cost?
How long will it take to have my software built?
At what stage should the idea be?
Is Xamun a  low-code platform?
What is the Tech Stack that can be accommodated?
What if  part of my software is already built?
Can I enhance my existing software  using Xamun?
What is the Xamun Design Studio?
What is the Xamun Build Studio?
What is the Xamun Project Hub?
What happens to  the IP of the software I made using Xamun?


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2. PARTICIPANT has a Solution requirement and is interested in in participating and going through the Xamun engagement process with the goal of identifying the scope of the required solution and receiving a proposal.

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About Xamun
Xamun revolutionizes software development with AI, unlocking innovations that have been long shelved or even forgotten. It empowers product owners, and startup founders to bridge the gap between business and software engineering to create top-notch cloud software within weeks.

​Xamun mitigates development risks, providing cost savings versus full-code outsourcing. It’s a potent no-code/low-code alternative, offering rapid customization and full source code ownership, free from recurring subscription fees.

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