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Drive Up Customer Satisfaction
Through Fast Innovation

Xamun gives you the speed, agility, and customer-centricity
you need for successful digital transformation

- Trusted by big brands -

Advanced Energy

We take care of the “Tech” in InsureTech

To keep up with InsureTech startups, insurance companies need to be like a startup and be more agile.Digital transformation involves rolling out digital offerings & iterating on business models, which cookie-cutter software cannot support. You need Xamun which provides iterative development of customer-facing digital solutions.

Incredibly Fast Custom Software Development

Our AI- and bot-powered development drastically reduces the time it takes to build software - in as fast as A FEW HOURS

Ensure Successful Transformation through Agility

Xamun provides easy tweaking of web and mobile apps - empowering you to cater to every-changing customer expectations much better

Personalized Digital Experiences for Customers

Creating unique customer experiences helps you stand out from the crowd, and our design-first approach lets you do just that

We help you build software that addresses challenges

Here are some examples of software for the insurance industry that can be built with Xamun from idea to launch in as fast as a few weeks

✓ Make it easier for new customers to access products

✓ Expand payment options for individual & B2B customers

✓ Improve customer experience when availing support services

✓ Reduce the cost and other barriers to entry for other products

Online Insurance Quotation, Claims, & Renewal Software Development

Provide modern customers with an easy way (through a mobile or web app) to get a quote for an insurance product, file a claim, and renew policy

Online KYC Processing Software Development

Delight new customers with a mobile or web app to to easily submit basic information and documents when opening a new customer account

Field Inspection & Claims Adjustment Reporting App Development

Provide field workers with a convenient and more accurate way to perform claims inspection - including photo and document uploads & custom forms

Agents’ Portal with Commission Tracking Software Development

Improve agent satisfaction by providing them with a portal to easily manage customers, learn about new products, and track their commissions


Become a lean, mean
app-launching machine

We know how launching your digital offerings quickly
and iteratively is key to your success. 
We’ll make it happen for you.

Xamun is Your Digital Partner

Innovate on how customers interact with your company by leveraging digital tools like virtual
advisors, mobile insurance retail and AI to offer a more personalized customer experience.

We’ll build it for you

Have an expert team of engineers and 
project managers to co-design, build, 
and launch your  custom software

- OR- 

Build it yourself

Use our software development accelerator to build your own custom software 

COMING Q3 2023

Cybersecurity front-and-center
for apps built with Xamun

Leverage best-in-class enterprise cloud security practices & tools including basic VAPT as part of our standard developmentrelease cycles.

Our software co-creation process

Get the speed and simplicity of a low-code app builder, 
but the customizability & sophistication only a dev shop can provide


Prototype using Figma



AI builds your software’s blueprint



Our experts customize it



Bots bring everything together



Ready for liftoff 🚀



Brought to you by a 20 year-old 
software product engineering company

The team behind Xamun is BlastAsia, a long-time Microsoft Partner and provider of managed custom software development services to global companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be able to take the source code and modify it ourselves?

Yes, unlike old-school code generators that churn out compiled & uneditable code, our in-house code generators will handover human-readable source code that your internal team can take and customize or enhance further.

How much of customization work will be left after using Xamun AI-Powered Software Development?

Around 10-40% of typical software projects will still require full coding, which BlastAsia’s team of engineers, testers, and project managers will co-create with you so you’ll get exactly what you want.

How is using Xamun for eCommerce different from using Shopify?

While no-code eCommerce website builders like Shopify can be used for simple requirements, they do not give you the freedom to completely modify UI and backend logic – not to mention dealing with transaction fees.

How is using Xamun different from getting an open-source solution?

For unique requirements, it’s difficult to find end-to-end solutions that are open-source. Also, we have the expertise to put components together and building on top of the generated code by Xamun.

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