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Become a

lean, mean
app-launching machine

Drive up digital transformation by launching custom software built your way - fast, full code ownership, and fixed price

- Trusted by big brands -

Advanced Energy

Have Your
Custom Software
Built Your Way

To compete with other incumbents & startups, companies need to roll out web, iOS, and Android apps faster than ever.

However, traditional ground-up development or off-the-shelf systems have their challenges that get in the way of innovating fast & easy. You need a partner like Xamun to support iterative development of customer-facing digital solutions.

Xamun is an AI-powered software development
platform for your type of business

Banking Industry 

Elevate customer experiences with  mobile or web apps to easily transact with your customer service staff

Insurance Industry 

Empower customers with digital solutions (mobile or web) to conveniently interact with your sales & support teams


Finally meet your
deadline & budget

Get your bespoke software built within your
means and confidently launch it on time


With Xamun, we make it possible for you

Build from prototype to working software in hours 

Fully-Custom Software BUT Built Incredibly Fast

With the speed at which your competition (including startups) are innovating, you need to get software built at lightning speeds. Xamun got you covered.

Fast like No-Code BUT You Keep the Source Code

With Xamun, you own the resulting source code so your team has the freedom to update your custom software and retain your competitive advantage

Tailored to Your Needs BUT Pay Fixed Price

Outsourcing custom software development is oftentimes limited to time-and-material contract. With Xamun, we accommodate a fixed price project engagement.

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