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Building Bespoke Digital Solutions For Lending with Xamun

optimizing lending processes

Looking to build bespoke digital solutions for lending? Xamun brings AI-powered software development that gives you 10x faster time-to-market & agility for your custom lending industry software to ensure successful digital transformation.

Why go for custom lending software development?

Lending companies are faced with stiff competition from digital lending startups, therefore they need to be like a startup and be more agile in their custom software development. Digital transformation involves rolling out digital offerings that empower customers and food service crew to transact more seamlessly and ensure the business is more scalable and sustainable.

What kinds of apps can I build?

There’s a myriad of custom apps that you can build with Xamun. We can build software for various lending industry processes, from smaller bespoke solutions like a loan application app, or a full agents' portal with commission tracking features.

applying for loans via mobile

Agents’ Portal with Commission Tracking

Build an all-in-one solution tailored for your lending agents, enabling them to effectively track policy sales, monitor commission payouts, generate comprehensive reports, and stay up-to-date with real-time commission updates

Billing & Collection

Simplifies and automates billing and collection processes. With features like automated invoicing, payment reminders, real-time payment tracking, and detailed reporting, an app empowers your company to efficiently manage loan repayments, reduce payment delays, and enhance financial management

KYC Processing

Build an app to efficiently gather, validate, and analyze customer information, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, minimizing fraud risks, and accelerating the onboarding process while maintaining data privacy and security.

Loan Application Processing

Simplify and digitize your loan application process. By having an app with an intuitive interface, document upload functionality, real-time status updates, and automated verification processes, you empower your customers to easily apply for loans, while enabling streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and providing a seamless and convenient experience to borrowers.

Loan Origination

Build a solution that facilitates end-to-end loan lifecycle management. From loan application and approval to disbursement and collection, this solution automates workflows, ensures compliance, enables efficient underwriting, and provides robust collection tools, empowering you to streamline your loan operations, enhance risk management, and improve overall loan portfolio performance.

Repossessed Asset Retail

Build a platform to facilitate the efficient resale of repossessed assets. With features like asset listing and real-time updates, this app empowers you to optimize asset sales, reach a wider market of potential buyers, and maximize returns on repossessed assets

Repossessed Asset Inventory Management

Build a platform that facilitates efficient management and disposition of repossessed assets. This streamlines the process of inventory tracking, valuation, marketing, and sale of repossessed assets, optimizing recovery efforts and minimizing losses while maintaining compliance and transparency throughout the entire asset management lifecycle.

Why build bespoke digital solutions for lending with Xamun?

Xamun helps you build customer- or external-facing Web, iOS, and/or Android apps the way you want them built - fast, at a fixed price, and you get to keep the source code. Here are the top benefits of building digital solutions with Xamun:

lending mobile app

Fully-Custom Software BUT Built Incredibly Fast

With the speed at which your competition (including startups) is innovating, you need to get software built at lightning speeds. Xamun got you covered by letting you build from prototype to working software in as fast as A FEW HOURS!

Fast like No-Code BUT You Keep the Source Code

With Xamun, you own the resulting source code. What does this mean? Your team has the freedom to update your custom software whichever way you want. Also, owning the source code lets you retain your competitive advantage because the IP is all yours.

Tailored to Your Needs BUT Pay Fixed Price

Outsourcing custom software development is oftentimes limited to time-and-material contracts which may not work well with your existing budget management processes. With Xamun, we accommodate a fixed-price project engagement for every version of your custom software.

Launching your startup’s app as quickly as possible is critical for your success. Xamun got you covered. Book a meeting with us today to start building your app!

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