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Automate full-code software development

Take a visual approach to building mobile and web apps - and do it unbelievably fast with through automation

COMING Q3 2023!

But for now, we can build your app for you. Learn more >


Idea to Working Software in Weeks? Yes Please!

We hate to break it to you: no matter how unique your idea is, there are fundamental best practices and code packages that are used by software developers around the world to build leading software. Don’t you ever wonder why most apps look eerily familiar?

That’s why building from scratch almost never works. Xamun will help you create the basic structure of your software instantaneously, so you can focus on customization and fine-tuning. What we are is not a low-code platform, it’s a visual development platform powered by automation.

Avoid scope creep

Our design-first approach which conducts UAT using a detailed Figma prototype
reduces risk for scope creep substantially, ensuring budgets and timelines are upheld

Maintain easier through better documentation

With the WYSIWYG solution blueprint, your software’s maintenance can be easily
done by any developer with standard language programming skills

Build and stabilize much faster

Our AI-assisted blueprint creation and bot-powered code generation & testing
drastically reduces software development time


A better low-code alternative
in more ways than one

Xamun can roll out software just as fast low-code platforms,
but with less complexity and more flexibility & customizability
- and did we mention no recurring subscription fees?

How Our Platform Works

There are two pathways to building software with Xamun: building from scratch (involving a co-design process resulting in a Figma Prototype), or taking an existing Xamun Blueprint and customizing it.

Top Software You Can Build with Xamun

By App Type

Web App
API & Backend

By Industry

Field Services
Financial Services

By Use Case

On-Demand Services
Insurance Distribution & Sales
eCommerce Marketplace

Better than ChatGPT
to build software

AI tools for software development work differently. If you want a complex software built at record speeds, Xamun is the way to go


Xamun’s Output Source Code’s Tech Stack

Xamun currently supports the Azure, but we are hard at work to support AWS very soon!








Azure Identity Management 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be able to take the source code and modify it ourselves?

Yes, unlike old-school code generators that churn out compiled & uneditable code, our in-house code generators will handover human-readable source code that your internal team can take and customize or enhance further.

How much of customization work will be left after using Xamun AI-Powered Software Development?

Around 10-40% of typical software projects will still require full coding, which BlastAsia’s team of engineers, testers, and project managers will co-create with you so you’ll get exactly what you want.

How is using Xamun for eCommerce different from using Shopify?

While no-code eCommerce website builders like Shopify can be used for simple requirements, they do not give you the freedom to completely modify UI and backend logic – not to mention dealing with transaction fees.

How is using Xamun different from getting an open-source solution?

For unique requirements, it’s difficult to find end-to-end solutions that are open-source. Also, we have the expertise to put components together and building on top of the generated code by Xamun.

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