Automate your
end-to-end software development lifecycle

Take a visual approach to building mobile and web apps - and do it fast with through AI, Low-Code, and Bots

Idea to Working Software in Weeks? Yes Please!

We hate to break it to you: no matter how unique your idea is, there are fundamental best practices and code packages that are used by software developers around the world to build leading software. Don’t you ever wonder why most apps look eerily familiar?​

That’s why building custom software from scratch almost never works. Xamun is here to help! We combine AI, Low-Code, and Bots to make building software easier and faster for you and your team.

App Design

Design your own software the way you want it to function and the way you want it to look - without any coding know-how

Streamlined Development

Boost your development team’s productivity by giving them a tool that is powered by AI, Low-Code, and Bots


Manage everything related to your custom app’s delivery - from version tracking to progress monitoring

Ideation Studio


Generate innovative ideas in a matter of minutes!

Build your project backlog with the help of AI and evaluate ROI and challenges to arrive at your priority list

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Create Your Design - No Coding Required!

Select a solution, add modules, and personalise to instantly get a cost and time estimate

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Design Studio
Build Studio


Develop Your App in One Place

Build, test, and deploy your app’s backend and frontend with the help of AI, bots, and low-code functionalities

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Manage Your Development

Track the progress of software development projects and collaborate with team members

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Project Hub

A better low-code alternative
in more ways than one

Xamun can roll out software just as fast low-code platforms, but with less complexity and more flexibility and customizability- and did we mention no recurring subscription fees?


How Our Self-Service Platform Works

End-to-end Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) platform to get your apps built, powered by AI, bots, and low-code functionalities

Design Your Solution

Use the Design Studio to choose from a library of popular solutions or assemble modules like Lego blocks to arrive at your desired solution. In the end, you will receive a price quote.

Subscribe and Setup

Subscribe to the Build Studio and add your developers to the account to start building your solution

Build and Monitor

Proceed to build your app using the Build Studio. Track the progress of development using the Project Hub.

Test Your Solution

You will be given access to your app in a test environment to confirm that the signed-off design and resulting software are aligned.


We will handover the source code or assist you in deploying it. Your app’s Xamun Blueprint is saved on our platform for future enhancements.

Xamun’s Output Source Code’s Tech Stack

Xamun currently supports Microsoft Azure, but we are hard at work to support other tech stacks very soon!







MS Azure Identity Management

Modernise the way you build custom software with Xamun.

About Xamun
Xamun revolutionises software development with AI, unlocking innovations that have been long shelved or even forgotten. It empowers product owners, and startup founders to bridge the gap between business and software engineering to create top-notch cloud software within weeks.

​Xamun mitigates development risks, providing cost savings versus full-code outsourcing. It’s a potent no-code/low-code alternative, offering rapid customization and full source code ownership, free from recurring subscription fees.