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Successfully launch scalable, complex, 
& enterprise-ready apps - ultrafast


A Whole New Way of 
Building Custom Software to
Unlock Innovation


- Trusted by big brands -

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A lot of innovative software ideas never see the light of day because of software delivery issues - we’re here to help

Say goodbye to traditional software engineering methods and revolutionize the way you build custom apps with Xamun. With Xamun, you can do away with tedious steps in development
and bring your ideas to life faster than ever before.

Ultrafast time-to-market

Save up to 93% of development effort and launch apps in as fast as 6 WEEKS

Do more with a lean team

Turn your team into “10x developers” and churn out much more apps than before

Upgrade fast & easy

Our platform lets you easily maintain your apps to keep up with rapid business changes

Design, build, and go live on one AI-powered platform

End-to-end SDLC platform to get your apps built, 
powered by AI, bots, and low-code functionalities

Design Studio
Design Studio

Select a solution, add modules, and personalize to instantly get a cost & time estimate

Project Portal
Project Hub

Track the progress of software development projects and collaborate with team members

Build Studio
Build Studio

Build, test, and deploy your app’s backend and frontend in an ultra-fast, low-code interface


Beat your launch date and do it within budget!

Get production-grade and bug-free apps ready for launch at a fraction of the time

Your beautiful app ideas
brought to life in minutes

Our Design Studio lets you piece together your unique app
- no coding knowledge needed!


5 Easy Steps to Build an App in a Few Days


Design your app (no tech skills required!)


Get a cost & time estimate


Build your app (or have it built by our in-house experts)


Track & test as you progress


Launch your app (on the cloud)  🚀 


Become a lean, mean, app-building machine

Unlock the potential of software developers to translate ideas to amazing apps much faster and at better quality

Built with Xamun

Daikin had a tall order - launch a complex eCommerce solution in 8 weeks. Well, we did it in 6.

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Top Solutions to Build in Xamun

Xamun is an AI-powered software development
platform for your type of business

Build Lending and Finance Apps
Lending & Finance

Empower your lending business with solutions that streamline the lending process, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction

Build Insurance Apps

Go digital in your insurance business operations and ensure seamless processes and improved customer experiences

Build eCommerce and Retail Apps

Amplify sales with apps that enhance e-commerce and retail management, driving business growth and efficiency

Created by software experts

Xamun is brought to you by BlastAsia, a company with 20 years of experience in software product engineering. BlastAsia is a trusted Microsoft Partner and managed custom software development services provider

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Resources to Drive Digital Transformation

Access articles on AI-Powered Software Development
Articles on AI-Powered Software Development

Read blogs on software development and how you can transform the traditional process through new technologies such as AI and bots

Download eBooks on AI and Digital Transformation
Ebooks on Digital Transformation & AI

Access free ebooks on accelerating digital transformation through various tools, including AI-powered software development

See Glossary of Digital Transformation Terms
Glossary of Digital Transformation Terms

Browse through our collection of concepts and their definitions and build your proficiency in digital transformation

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