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What is an AI writing assistant ?

AI writing assistants use artificial intelligence technology to aid in writing tasks, providing a range of functionalities such as grammar and spell-checking, style suggestions, content optimization, and plagiarism detection, thereby enhancing writing quality and efficiency through instant feedback and recommendations derived from sophisticated algorithms.

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What are the benefits of using AI Machine Translation?

Using an AI writing assistant to write content has many benefits. Some of its key advantages are listed below.

Improved Writing Efficiency

Using an AI writing assistant streamlines the writing process using an  thereby saving time and effort by receiving grammar and spelling suggestions and alternative word choices.

Enhanced Grammar and Spelling

AI writing assistants give real-time correction of mistakes including subject-verb agreement issues, punctuation errors, and suggestions for alternative words.

Expanded Vocabulary and Language Skills

AI writing assistants also provide vocabulary suggestions, grammar corrections, and alternative phrasing options to diversify word choices and improve sentence structure.

Increased Consistency and Coherence

Lastly, AI writing assistants have the capacity to analyze writing style, maintain tone consistency, suggest changes to sentence structure, and detect repetitive phrases to enhance overall clarity and create cohesive content.

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What are some use cases of AI Machine Translation across industries?

Here are some instances where an AI writing assistant can be useful:


In academic writing and research, clarity, coherence, and concise presentation of ideas are essential for effective knowledge dissemination. Proper research involves using reliable sources, analyzing information critically, and citing references accurately, ensuring the integrity and professionalism of scholarly work.

Business Writing

For businesses, clear and concise communication is crucial for effective communication and marketing. Whether it’s drafting persuasive sales emails, creating engaging social media content, or crafting compelling blog posts, the ability to communicate effectively drives customer engagement and enhances brand awareness.

Journalism and Broadcast Media

In journalism and content creation, AI writing assistants offer valuable assistance by aiding in research, fact-checking, and suggesting relevant sources, making the writing process more efficient. For example, when composing an article on climate change, the AI can swiftly provide current statistics and studies. Furthermore, it ensures clear and engaging content by assisting with grammar, style, and SEO optimization.

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Why choose Xamun?

Build customer- or external-facing Web, iOS, and/or Android apps the way you want it built - fast, at fixed price, and you get to keep the source code!

Fully-Custom Software BUT Built Incredibly Fast

With the speed at which your competition (including startups) are innovating, you need to get software built at lightning speeds. Xamun got you covere by letting you build from prototype to working software in as fast as A FEW HOURS!

Fast like No-Code BUT You Keep the Source Code

With Xamun, you own the resulting source code. What does this mean? Your team has the freedom to update your custom software whichever way you want. Also, owning the source code lets you retain your competitive advantage because the IP is all yours.

Tailored to Your Needs BUT Pay Fixed Price

Outsourcing custom software development is oftentimes limited to time-and-material contracts which may not work well with your existing budget management processes. With Xamun, we accommodate a fixed price project engagement for every version of your custom software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why build custom AI writing assistant software?

Building custom software with an AI writing assistant feature enhances efficiency and quality in content creation across various industries.

2. What exactly does an AI writing assistant do?

An AI writing assistant aids in grammar and spelling correction, suggests alternative word choices, assists in research, fact-checking, and SEO optimization, ensuring clear and engaging content.

3. What solutions can be built with AI writing assistant features?

Solutions with AI writing assistant features can include journalism support tools, academic writing platforms, content creation software for businesses, and marketing automation systems.

4. Is building custom software with AI writing assistance capability worth it?

Yes, building custom software with AI writing assistant capabilities is worth it, as it improves productivity, enhances content quality, and offers valuable assistance in various writing tasks across industries.

5. How much will it cost to build a software with an AI writing assistant?

It depends on what exactly it i what your want to build. Xamun has a cost estimator and other internal tools that will give you a much more accurate idea of how much it will cost you to build your custom insurance software.

6. How long will it take to build an AI writing assistant?

If you have an existing Figma prototoype, building and deploying a bespoke solution with AI machine translation services with Xamun can take as fast as a few hours. If you’re coming in with a fresh idea, it can take only 4-6 weeks!

7. Do I need technical know-how to get a custom AI writing assistant built with Xamun?

Not at all! As a service will take care of all the technical stuff, and you just need to make sure all your business processes are covered in what we will build for you. At some point, we will release a DIY platform and in that case, your own tech team can directly build your bespoke solution on their own.

8. Are there hidden fees?

Absolutely not! We will be very upfront on the total cost of build as soon as you sign off the Figma design for your custom insurance software which will also include a detailed scope of how the app would work. Unless you have additional features to build, that’s the final cost.

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