Deliver better apps
with artificial intelligence

Smarter, more modern, faster, and simply better: your app can do more with AI built into it

AI is what will turn your app
from good to great

Understanding AI and how it can help your company can be a difficult task, we’re here to help you find the right solution for your business needs

Human Error

Repetitive Tasks

Smoothly Handle
Big Data

Enable Quick

Assist End-Users
in Various Activities

Improve Processes
and Workflows


Advanced Functionalities for Every Need

Learn about the different AI tools out there - from text-to-speech to facial recognition to writing assistance - that you can potentially use in your software to bring out the absolute best in it

Top Examples:
  • OCR
  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice Generation (Text-to-Speech)
  • Transcription (Speech-to-Text)
  • Writing Assistance
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Undeniable Benefits to Any Business

The tech world has advanced so much over the past years in terms of identifying specific use cases for AI in industries, helping you narrow down the search for the right AI tool for you.

Top Examples:
  • Banking/Finance
  • eCommerce/Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Lending Companies
  • Insurance
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Build your next Artificial Intelligence-powered software using Xamun

We have a growing list of AI modules that you can incorporate to the software that you’re building with Xamun


Inside Xamun

End-to-end SDLC platform to get your apps built, powered by AI, bots, and low-code functionalities

Design Studio

Select a solution, add modules, and personalise to instantly get a cost and time estimate

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Project Hub

Track the progress of software development projects and collaborate with team members

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Build Studio

Build, test, and deploy your app’s backend and frontend in an ultra-fast, low-code interface

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5 Easy Steps to Build an App in a Few Days

1 Design your app (no tech skills required!)

2 Get a cost and time estimate

3 Build your app (or have it built by our in-house experts)

4 Track and test as you progress

5 Launch your app (on the cloud)  🚀

Revolutionise your software development process with Xamun.