Daikin Philippines Builds an Advanced E-commerce Platform in 6 Weeks with Xamun

Daikin Philippines seeks to provide customers with a convenient way to purchase Daikin products and interact with the brand through a custom e-commerce platform built with Xamun

Development Time
without Xamun

36 weeks

Development Time
with Xamun

8 weeks

Daikin Philippines is a known provider of total air conditioning solutions that promote comfort, and top-of-the-line products and services through leading-edge technology.

Aligned with their offerings, they wanted to innovate by empowering customers to easily buy their preferred products and engage with the brand online. They collaborated with Xamun to co-create a custom e-commerce platform.

However, Daikin’s requirement was too complex - none of the off-the-shelf- solutions meet their requirements. On the other hand, ground-up custom development would take too long. The challenge is they already scheduled a media launch within 6 weeks since they started collaborating with Xamun.


Functionality & advanced feature requirements: The features envisioned for the E-commerce platform could not possibly be provided by the current off-the-shelf solutions. This included creating a marketplace & virtual tours for all the partner stores.

Aggressive timelines: Daikin Philippines had an urgency in terms of the deployment and roll-out. Rather than in months, the platform need to be rolled out in a few weeks.


XamunAI-assisted Software Development: Xamun’s expert team of engineers and project managers co-designed, built, and launched the custom ecommerce platform using AI and bots


In as fast as 6 weeks, Xamun built the advanced eCommerce Platform which includes the following capabilities:

•Online payments

•Microsites for partners & sub-brands

•Store virtual tours

About Xamun
Xamun revolutionizes software development with AI, unlocking innovations that have been long shelved or even forgotten. It empowers product owners, and startup founders to bridge the gap between business and software engineering to create top-notch cloud software within weeks.

​Xamun mitigates development risks, providing cost savings versus full-code outsourcing. It’s a potent no-code/low-code alternative, offering rapid customization and full source code ownership, free from recurring subscription fees.

Developed by BlastAsia, a major player since 2001, renowned for software engineering in the Philippines.