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Building a Cyber Insurance Brokerage Platform in 10 Weeks with Xamun

With the power of AI and bots, Xamun helped a legacy insurer launch its own cyber insurance brokerage platform in a matter of just 10 weeks

Development Time without Xamun

36 weeks

Development Time with Xamun

8 weeks


"An insurance company wanted to launch its own cyber insurance brokerage platform fast, without the risks and costs associated with building one ground-up.

A cyber insurance brokerage platform is an online system that helps businesses find the best cyber insurance policies for their needs. It connects businesses with their partner cyber insurance brokers who can provide tailored advice and guidance on which policies are best for them.

Launching their own cyber insurance brokerage platform has various advantages for the client, but they required specific features that no off-the-shelf solution can deliver and will take time, money, and effort if built from ground up. "


The   project has unique requirements that cannot be met by off-the-shelf   solutions. These include:

  • Quick and easy coverage application

  • Prediction capabilities for coverage needs and risk levels of customers

  • Access to Broker Support team to help manage cyber risk for existing and   prospective customers

  • Provide potential customers with a tailored list of cyber risk prevention and improvement recommendations for better policy terms

  • A ready-to-use financial damage calculator that outlines insuring limits   for each insured client


•XamunAI-assisted   Software Development: Xamun’s expert team of engineers and project managers   co-designed, built, and launched the custom ecommerce platform using AI and   bots


Xamun   worked closely with the client to help develop the cyber insurance brokerage   platform and launched the platform in only 10 weeks through:

  • Forced MVP approach

  • Xamun industry-ready templates

  • Xamun team's Industry expertise

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